Stress & Chiropractic

Managing stress with Chiropractic Care

Not all stress is necessarily bad… A 30 minute gym workout for someone reasonably fit in their mid 20s is good right? However, someone who is 75 years old and not working out regularly might be a bad situation.

Physical Stress

Repetitive motions like falling asleep with your neck twisted and being in a car accident and gettingwhiplash are examples of physical stress. Slipping and falling are also physical stressers to your body.

Mental Stress

Ever been really stressed out at work, grieved the loss of a friend or family member? Frustrating situations at work or at home also can lead to emotional stress.

Chemical Stress

The amount of environment toxins assault us every day. From preservatives in our food, drugs, tobacco, beer, and numerous other environmental factors contribute to your body’s chemical stress overload. This will likely affect your muscle tone as well as well-being.

While it is almost impossible to eliminate all stress, chiropractic care may better help you adapt and accommodate it.