Shoulder Pain and Chiropractic Treatment Options

Chiropractors are trained professionals who use their skills and knowledge to treat individuals who may be experiencing pain in certain areas of their body whether it be the neck, back, legs, etc. In this section, how chiropractors treat shoulder pain will be looked at and discussed in detail.
What causes shoulder pain?
First and foremost, it’s important to know what exactly causes shoulder pain in the first place. Shoulder pain can be a result of various things such as frequent computer/handheld device use, sleeping positions, or carrying heavy loads for an extended period of time over one’s shoulder.
How is shoulder pain treated?
Moving forward, if a patient complains of shoulder pain, the first thing any chiropractor will do is examine practically all parts of the body ranging from the wrist to the spine because it is possible that shoulder pain may be the direct result of an injury to another part of the body.
Furthermore, the chiropractor will also most likely take a look at various muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the affected area or body that may also be the reason behind shoulder pain. They make also look to see if the bones in the shoulder area is damaged and if bone spurs or arthritis is present. This is usually done with the help of x-rays, MRI’s, and EMG’s.
A chiropractor may also do several other things besides examining the affected area and body such as adjust the spine or shoulder itself (both being performed as gentle as possible) and if the problem is identified and diagnosed, will prescribe the patient one or several treatments, exercises, or practices such as applying heat or ice to the affected area, ultrasound, stretching/physiotherapy or if the pain is really severe, direct you to an orthopedist.
Lastly, another form of treatment is spinal decompression therapy which is a procedure that gently stretches the spine and helps alleviate pressure in certain areas, including the shoulders, while also increasing the amount of water, oxygen, and other fluids traveling throughout the affected area (in this case including the shoulders) which will allow it to heal properly and reduce the amount of pain.