Hip Pain

Hip pain can be a problem with your hip join directly or it could be the result of a referred pain from a problem somewhere else in your body. This just means pain that originates in your back and travels along a nerve.

Pain resulting from your hip joint can be from inflammation from some kind of injury, arthritis, or infections.

Hip Pain: Acute & Chronic

Hip pain can be acute which is usually accident related or it can be chronic, typically arthritis related. For an acute hip pain, the first treatment goal is to reduce the swelling and then restore the mobility and get back to proper functions of the hip joint and leg.

For chronic hip pain relief, you need to determine what caused the hip joint to become symptomatic and eliminate that cause, and then do some rehabilitation on the hip joint.

Dr. Rauch specializes in determining if your hip pain is coming from a pinched nerve in your back or directly from your hip joint. He also specializes in restoring your hip to a pain free environment by proper diagnosis and treatments using chiropractic techniques designed to restore your hip to normal function. Call our office for more information about hip pain.