Headaches & Migraines

While headaches & migraines are common, they are not the norm. The primary goal for chiropractic is to find and reduce the cause of your migraines.

The drug culture of today’s society is the most common approach to dealing with headaches, such as pain relievers. We prefer a more natural approach and figure out what is causing the problem, as opposed to using drugs to mask the problem.

A hidden cause of migraines & headaches

One common cause of headaches is when spinal bones in the neck are not supporting your head properly. You may not even notice a reduced ability to turn your head. However, these subluxations affect nerves, muscles, and even the blood supply that goes to your head.

Rauch Chiropractic does a thorough exam of all our headache and migraine patients and looks for subluxation patterns that may be causing these headaches. If you have subluxations you are likely to helped from chiroproactic.

Contact our office today if you are having problems with migraines and/or headaches and we will examine you to look for subluxations and find the root of the problem.