Hand Pain & Numbness

Hand pain is something a lot of people get, especially those with office jobs.  Using a mouse and keyboard all day can be tough on the hands.

What Causes Hand Pain?

Did you know that the muscles in your forearms actually control your hands?  When hand pain is in your hands, one of the best therapies is massage therapy on your forearms as those are the muscles working so hard when typing and clicking.

Inflammation of the hands and wrists can originate from other activities such as heavy lifting, accidents, or continuous use over long periods of time. Arthritis can even be the cause of these pains. Fingertips that are tingling or numb could indicate a pinched nerve in the spine or carpal tunnel syndrome. Untreated if you continue with the activity causing the pain, your condition can get worse.

The sooner you get treatment the better and drugs and surgery are not required to feel better fast. Dr. Rauch has been treating hand pain for many years. Contact our office today for an exam if you are having hand pain or wrist pain.