Chiropractic Helpful FAQ

The below article is a guest post by Melissa Jaynes.

Battling back pain and wondering how to find relief with that chronic ache? You can always take the non-surgical approach and see how chiropractors treat back pain. Many of those suffering may be surprised to learn that chiropractic therapy is not all about manipulation and adjustment of the spine. It also treats neuro-musculoskeletal disorders and can benefit a person’s ability to restore their range of mobility.

Here are some ways Chiropractors treat back pain relief.

1. Spinal Manipulation — Many of us know this as an “adjustment” where a chiropractor uses a strong “jerking” movement. This results in alleviating stress off of the backs tendons and muscles. The use of manipulation also helps to improve a persons nervous system by providing relief of pressure that may have been the nerves.

2. Chiropractic Mobilization — Chiropractors will use this type of manipulation in a slow and much lighter movement to improve a persons range of motion. This approach stretches one’s muscles and joints in a vast effort to reduce inflammation and pain.

“Want to know some more ways a Chiropractor can take that back pain away?”

3. Hydrotherapy –Heat and ice has been used for many years to treat aches and pains. Ice may be applied to the painful area for approximately fifteen minutes or until the muscles are feeling numb-like. Heat is then used on the same area as a method to help restore one’s blood flow.

“Did you know when a person’s muscles become tense enough, they can actually pull one’s body out of alignment?”

4. Massage — This method of chiropractic care applies pressure to different bod areas to help improve the circulation and healing as well as minimizing any inflammation.

5. Exercise — This is a vital method to muscle tension relief! Not only does stretching help with improving circulation but it is also a great way to strengthen the back.

6. Dietary Assistance — Vitamins and other nutritional supplements are often referred to patients. This may benefit those needing to create a lifestyle change in their dietary habits. Obesity is often a contributing factor to back pain.

“You just may be shocked at some of the ways a Chiropractor treats back pain!”

7. Ultrasound — The use of sound waves to apply a more in depth therapy in the joints and muscles through deep heat can help relieve some of that unwanted back pain. Your chiropractor may support this method of treatment when spinal manipulation is not quite helpful enough.

8. Diathermy — When muscles won’t stop with spasms and you find yourself in need of getting that body to relax more, Diathermy can provide you with heat through short wave electromagnetic therapy in the deeper muscle tissue and improve your healing with better circulation.

9. Electrical Muscle Stimulation — This method of treatment done by placing electrodes on the skin and sending electrical pulsations to parts of your body will help alleviate back pain, muscle spasms and painful inflammation.

Back pain can be both exhausting and overwhelming when dealing with the pain on top of the preferred treatment. Overall, one this in absolutely certain. There are many ways chiropractors treat back pain as an alternative to being treated surgically.